Eclipse EWQR9-NA Quick Release woodworking vise, grey cast iron 9” review

Cast iron has proved to be one of the best type of material to use in the heavy duty machinery. This cast iron vise has more than just one quality that you will find perfect for what you just need:

Special features

downloadThe vise is fitted with a quick release screw that allows you to close and open the vise. The unique thing about this is that you do not even have to use the main screw as in the case of many other types of vises.

The trigger is shaped like the old fashioned light bulb switch to give you a better way of closing and opening the vise. This design also reduces the effort that you had to place to securely close the vise.


The vise has a 9” jaw that has a throat depth of 4”. The jaws are non-detachable; you cannot remove the jaws from their positions.

This means that the jaws are the only ones that are going to be used on the vise until you miraculously break the jaws and buy another vise.

The non-removable jaws may seem like they are going to inconvenience the user, but this is not the case. Since the jaws are also cast iron in nature, the user is going to have a long lasting vise. There are no weak spots on the jaws which form when there is a weak connection between two materials.

A pipe jaw is not included in the setting. The vise’s design however allows a user to hold firmly a pipe with a diameter that falls in the 3-inch depth. It may not be as efficient as the pipe jaw, but the firmness of the hold should be enough for you to work on the pipe with ease.


The eclipse vise has its own safety mechanisms that you are going to appreciate. Since no one likes it when the vise breaks and spews pieces of cast iron metal in every direction. A weaker form of metal is used to make the tommy bar.

The tommy bar will start to bend when you are trying to force the vise o turn beyond its capability. This will therefore ensure that you will have a tight grip on any material that you are holding, but keep the tool from being overstressed.


This is a version of the lightweight vises that you should have in a portable workshop. The vise only weighs 21 pounds, which is way light for a vise in the same class as this one.

The low weight allows the user to change positions of where the vise is continuously without being fatigued, even if the workshop tables are far away from each other.


The best bench vise has received more than one eighty percent good ratings. The users have been satisfied with every feature that the vise has, from the jaws to the incredible lifetime.

The only concerns shown are related to the quick release feature which comes off at any time after being used for a while.

Radio Flyer Full Size All Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon.

The outdoor world is the best place for your child to have fun with the toys without breaking stuff in the house. You can bond with the child when you do these activities with him/ her. This is the best wagon for the beach and all the other places you can think of taking your child to.EasyGoWagon Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon Fits in Trunk of Standard Car, Red 4


The radio flyer beach wagon has a body made of both steel and wood. The upper part of the wagon is made of pure wood. With a layer of wood on the top part, the child can get hold of the sides without feeling anything chilly when the wagon has been in a cold place.

The wood also maintains a comfortable feel when you sit back on the seat of the wagon.

The steel is also important in the construction. It makes up the lower part of the radio flier wagon. The steel gives the wagon a really strong nature and hence makes it more durable.

The metal does not oxidize easily with water under normal conditions, making it the best wagon for the beach since there is no way the water will affect the steel there.

The radio flyer’s wheels are also some great assets fitted on the wagon. The wheels have pressurized tires which can absorb shock that is created when you come in contact with an obstacle in your path. This is why the wagon is preferred by most people for use in all terrains.

The total weight capacity that the wagon can carry is 200 pounds. This means that it can occupy more than one toddler, no matter how much he/ she weighs.

The age range the wagon can handle also serves a great number of toddlers. The least recommended age is 18 months and the maximum age just depends on who fits in.

Even if you have two toddlers at home who are always competing on the first rides, you can let them both sit in the wagon as you take them through the beach or neighborhood.


The radio flyer wagon has a thin metal layer for reinforcement. Though it is the best wagon for the beach, most people find it a major problem, since the wagon will not last very long when it is used in rocky terrains.

For the beach though, the radio flyer wagon will last for a great time. You will not have to worry about the flimsy metallic layer being worn out there.

Taking care of the wagon

The radio flyer wagon is not that hard to maintain. The lower part of the wagon is metal, hence you can splash enough water to remove the dirt from it.

For the other wooden part, you can use a clean cloth to wipe off anything that may have gotten stuck on it.

The tires also need to be inflated properly. You need to ensure that there is not even a single tire that is flabby because of less air. You can either store the wagon in a shed or any place that is free from a large amount of moisture.

With that, this will turn out to be the best wagon for the beach that you will ever use for a long time.

Hitachi C10FSH Miter Saw Review

A miter saw is one of the most important tools used by do-it-yourself enthusiasts and woodworkers in performing home improvements and repairs as well as woodworking projects. It is used to make accurate miter joints and crosscuts in a piece of wood.

A power miter saw is divided into different types including standard saw, sliding compound miter saw, and compound meter saw. These saws differ in sizes, performance, and specifications to match certain requirements of different applications. Having the right miter saw is important in reducing the time needed to complete a task.

Consumers should consider several factors when buying a miter saw including blade guard, lock-off switch, blades, and cutting capacity. For safety purposes, consumers should choose a miter saw with self-retracting blades as they provide an unobstructed view of the cutting line and the working area. A good miter saw should also have an electric brake for easier and faster stopping of the miter saw’s motor. The Hitachi C10FSH Miter Saw is one of the best power tools in its kind. It provides accurate and smooth crosscuts and miters in different types of woods including plywood, hard board, and decorative panels.

Who Could Buy/Benefit From This Product?

The Hitachi C10FSH miter saw is ideal for woodworkers and carpenters who want reliability and precision in every cut they make. The Hitachi miter saw is also ideal for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to create woodworking projects in easier way. The product’s portability makes it the best choice for ordinary individuals who want to conduct repairs, renovations, and improvements in various areas of their homes.

Product Description

The Hitachi C10FSH miter saw’s excellent quality makes it a highly-recommended power tool. Its consistency, versatility, and accuracy enable its users to work with ease. The miter saw is designed to allow easy access to various angles that will be used by its users through its thumb-actuated positive miter stop feature. The product’s extended flip fence is large enough to be raised for up to four inches, allowing its users to cut larger pieces of woods in an accurate manner. Moreover, the dust collector of the Hitachi C10FSH is designed to minimize particle and dust accumulation in the interior components of the miter saw and in the workplace as well.

Hitachi C10FSH Miter Saw Product Features and Specifications

  • With 0 to 52-degree miter range and from 0 to 45-degree bevel angle
  • With carbide blade
  • Comes with extended fence, box wrench, a 10-inch blade, and a dust bag
  • The motor runs at  5,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) at 15 amperage (amp) With big pivoting fence for easy adjustments and for accurate cutting of large pieces of wood
  • The miter stops of the Hitachi C10FSH miter saw can be activated using thumb action stop
  • The tabletop has stabilization bar to make it sturdy
  • With horizontal soft grip that allows the users of the miter saw to have excellent control while reducing vibration


  • Has powerful motor for creating precise and accurate cuts
  • Easy to operate, making it ideal for amateur wood workers and hobbyists
  • The built-in dust bag collects a reasonable amount of dust, minimizing airborne particles and clutter in the work area and in the saw itself
  • Portable. The miter saw’s 26-pound weight makes it easy to be transported around the workplace
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Has better features and much cheaper than its competitors
  • Comfortable and convenient to use
  • Capable of doing delicate  trim through its saw blade that is made from tungsten carbide tooth (TCT)It has a convenient clamp that allows its users to secure their works
  • The carbon brushes of the miter saw can be easily accessed and replaced


  • Occasionally, the bolts of the miter saw loosen to the fence
  • Does not have a laser guide
  • Some instructions in the user’s manual is not properly explained

Customer Reviews and Scores

As of this writing, there are already 159 Amazon customers who have reviewed the Hitachi C10FSH miter saw. The miter saw earned an average rating of 4.4 stars out of the 5 stars. 93 of the Amazon reviewers rated the miter saw with 5 starts and another 47 reviewers gave the product a 4-star rating. This proves that the compound miter saw delivered optimum customer satisfaction to its users. Click here to read more customer reviews…


The Hitachi C10FSH miter saw’s user-friendly features make it the best choice of power tool for beginners. Its exceptional performance makes it highly recommended to professional wood workers and ordinary individuals who want faster accomplishments of their woodworking tasks including trimming and framing of woods. It is the most reliable miter saw that suits the most basic needs of its users.

Its light weight makes it ideal to those individuals who make woodworking applications in various areas of their jobsite or homes. When properly maintained and regularly checked, the Hitachi C10FSH miter saw will provide excellent and precise cuts every time it is being used by its users throughout the coming years.

We have found the best discounts and prices for the Hitachi C10FSH Miter Saw on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

The Ridgid Miter Saw – A Miter Saw with Industrial Strength

Ridgid Tools are respected and a brand of choice in industry, including the powerful Ridgid Miter Saw.   Ridgid has been working with professionals in construction and industry for 86 years.

Most people get their first experience of the quality of Ridgid tools in an industrial setting, they are durable, well built, and Ridgid quality is the finest. If you are looking for a great miter saw for home, or your business, don’t overlook the Ridgid miter saw.  Most people believe Ridgid is only for industry, and construction, but they are also a great choice for home re-modelers, and craftsman.

The first Ridgid miter saw you may want to take a look at is the 10″ compound miter saw.  It includes a great adjustable laser guide.  The specifications on the Ridgid miter saw are fantastic.  Lets take a look at few of them. The first feature of the Ridgid miter saw that will grab your attention is the 15AMP motor, that is some serious power.

Just what you need for your projects.

If you need to cut 2 x 6 boards, the Ridgid miter saw cuts through them with ease, with the powerful motor, always giving you a clean accurate cut. Another feature you will absolutely love about the Ridgid miter saw, is the 2 1/2″ dust port, you can use the bag that comes with the saw, their dust bag is more effective than most.

You may even want to use a shop vac hooked up to the dust port to reduce the amount of cleaning at the end of the day, that 2 1/2″ port makes it easy. The work clamp on the Ridgid miter saw works exceptionally well.  It holds holds the wood firmly in place while your make you cut.  Right beside the work clamp is the miter lock handle.

You will be impressed with the lock on the Ridgid ms1290lza miter saw, it holds your settings firmly, with no slippage.  The miter scale is excellent, very clear and easy to read, even if your eyesight is not perfect.  Having a clear easy to read scale on the saw helps in reducing the number of wrong cuts.   The price of a Ridgid miter saw is also very surprising.

The Ridgid miter saw is comparable in price to the other brands.  This fact may make the buying decision easy.  Buy a Ridgid Miter saw, from the premier manufacturer of industrial tools, or buy from someone else.   There is also a 12″ version of the Ridgid miter saw, and a 12″ sliding version.

Many of you may be able to justify that big 12″ sliding Ridgid Miter Saw, especially if you have projects using large enough wood.  If you’re needing to cut wood larger than 2 x 6, then take a look at the 12″ saws.  The 12″ Compound Ridgid miter saw can cut through a 2 x 8, and the 12″ sliding saw can handle up to a 2 x 12.

If you’re shopping for a miter saw, you should take a very serious look at the Ridgid Miter Saw family.  The Ridgid miter saw easily lives up to the reputation of Ridgid tools, durable, high quality, and easy to use.

Beach baby tent buying guide

This beach baby tent buying guide is not going to tell you the usual stuff you want to see in the normal guides. I have noticed that people usually remember the things they are not supposed to do, so I have dedicated this article to show you everything that you are not supposed to do.

A baby beach tent is supposed to keep your baby occupied while you enjoy yourselves at the beach. If you want a good time at the beach you should take one with you. A baby’s version of fun does not consist of sunbathing and swimming. If you want the baby to have a good time at the beach too, then pack a couple of toys with you to the occasion.

What are you supposed to look for in a baby’s beach tent? Let’s look at what you should not first, the rest will be applicable in your buying criteria.

Your favorite color

Remember, you might not share the same favorite color with your baby. if you buy the tent thinking of what you love most about one, you might just have screwed up your time at the beach. Babies feel comfortable when surrounded with their favorite color. The tent might even prove to be better than a human companion to the baby.

Dull tents

Even at the time that you were young, I bet you did not like dull colors. Whenever the weather changed dull, you remembered a nasty feeling you always had and did not know the cause of it. Parents may want to purchase dull tents so as to minimize the light that reaches the baby. The tents however, are a huge mistake. The dull materials are infamous for their heat collection property. Anyone under the tent will feel a hotter atmospheric temperature than anyone exposed directly to the sun.

The baby will also feel like he/ she is in a bad spot and cry the whole time wanting to escape the darkness above. If you want to protect your baby from the sun’s rays, you should purchase the tents that are UV filtered. They have a layer that protects anyone beneath them from being exposed to the UV rays.

Huge tents

Babies experience something that is the opposite of cluster phobia. Have you ever slept solo in a mansion that is so huge you need a map the first time you moved in? If you nodded your head, then you how spooky it is to be left alone in a huge shelter.

Baby tents are supposed to be small, not too small but small enough to fit the baby and provide shade throughout the time at the beach. If you feel like you really need a big tent, you should be prepared to keep the baby occupied the whole time, meaning that you will spend the whole time at the beach in a tent with the baby praying that it would finally sleep.

How is that for a beach baby tent buying guide? I bet that advice is going to stick in your head for a very long time.

Best Nitro Air Rifle For Hunting

Air rifles have been used for so many purposes ever since their invention. The rifles have mostly been used in sports and shooting practice. They are also good for hunting. The problem with using the air rifles to hunt is that they make a lot of noise after the shot. If the target is far enough, the projectile might start to lose speed and the movement of the birds from the point of shooting will alert the animal being shot at. The animal might jump or twitch a little, evading the projectiles path by fur’s length.

The noise problem seems to have been solved by the nitro air rifles. They use nitrogen as the propellant for the projectile. With the numerous models of the air rifle, it will be kind of difficult to find the best nitro rifle for yourself. If you are looking for a substitute for the other types of air rifles, the nitro air rifles are the best option for you. What are the qualities that the rifle should possess in order for it to replace the unwanted ones in your armory?

Since the noise made by the other types of rifles is what made you to opt for this type, the best nitro rifle is the one that produces the least noise. Getting a nitro air rifle that produces the least noise can be a bit tricky if you do not read the specs and decide to give it a shot in the field instead. You could not tell the difference between the loudness after you fire up the first two guns.

Let me just cut to the chase and head straight to the matter at hand. I guess you got here trying to find the best nitro riflethat you can find. The one air rifle that I think is going to make a change in the lifetime of your eardrums is the Benjamin titan GP nitro piston air rifle.

Why the Benjamin titan GP nitro piston air rifle

As I had stated earlier, the quality that makes an air rifle be of superb eminence is the loudness. The lower the noise it produces, the better the nitro gun. The Benjamin titan GP nitro piston air rifle is one of the air rifles that produce a higher projectile velocity than sound. With the top quality nitro piston the air rifle has, it is able to send projectiles into motion over long distances.

Apart from the superior nitro piston, the Benjamin titan GP nitro piston air rifle has some other cool features that will undoubtedly make you agree that it is the best nitro rifle in the market. The amazing scope it has is one of the examples. It is a powerful scope that can allow you to magnify objects that are really far from you.

With the low noise it produces, the gun is great for hunting. It will not scare away the animals and make you look as if you went there to apply the older methods of hunting (you know… the way people used to scare animals into ditches and stuff).

T-fal Copper Bottom Cookware

People have different types of hobbies, some can be really confusing and weird to the public eye. You should not let the public tell you whether or not your hobby seems like the thing that a normal person would do. To a mom who wants to keep everything perfect in the kitchen, collecting the best cookware is what develops into a hobby.

Who doesn’t love a neat kitchen? What makes a kitchen amazing is the neatness and types of cookware that is contained there. I know that if you are a mom or a chef, you know your stuff. Cookware cooks in different ways. Some cook faster than others, conserving fuel and letting you time your food properly (if you are following a recipe).

What brings about the difference in the cooking time? The material the cookware is made of is mainly what dictates the duration the food will cook.

Copper is known to be the fastest safe conductor of heat that can be used to make utensils. By safe I mean that you will not get lead poisoning since copper doesn’t contain any harmful alloys in its purest form. Cookware like the T-fal copper bottom cookware set is what your kitchen needs. Why T-fal copper bottom cookware sets?


Do not keep your guests or customers waiting. Take those orders and work on them like the world is going to end the next minute. The T-fal cookware set, as from its name, has a bottom layer of copper. The copper is a super conductor of heat hence the food is going to cook at a faster rate. The cookware set is suitable for hotels that get numerous customers at a go.


The T-fal cookware set allows you to cook your food according to the time provided in recipes without having any burnt or uncooked food. The cookware is designed to meet the qualifications of the cookware used by top chefs who provide these recipes, like the ones in TV shows.

The speed at which the T-fal copper bottom cookware set also allows you to use your fuel efficiently without any wastage.


The bottom layer with copper has been turned into classic designs that give your cookery an artistic touch to their designs. The whole set is something worth displaying in your kitchen.

Incomparable prices

This is the type of cookware set that you find in the top chef’s kitchen. You can imagine what that set he has stored up in the kitchen costs and compare it to this price. That is the kind of thought that you shake your head for it to fade away. As compared to the other similar cookware, the pricings of the T-fal cookware sets are super low. Of course you can get something cheaper than that but they are no match to the awesomeness of the T-fal copper bottom set.

Let’s just face it, the benefits of having a T-fal copper bottom cookware set in your kitchen are leveling with Mount Everest. It might be something new to you, but they are what you really need in your kitchen right now.

Singer Kids Sewing Machine

Children who are really into the textile industry know their tools. No matter what the child uses for sewing, there is always that one machine that he/ she loves more. When a child finds the tools he/ she loves, the love for sewing will grow stronger. You can decide to hit every shelf in a store trying to find the most suitable sewing machine for your child or… just purchase the singer kids sewing machine and watch your kid fall in love with it.

The singer kids sewing machine is one of a kind. The singer company have done everything to ensure that the machine is child proof (a child will not get hurt using them). They say that the best thigs in the market are the ones that have been able to last long in the market. The singer sewing machine has seen some heavy adjustments to make it suitable for child use ever since the start of the children sewing practices and the company itself has been there since the early development of modern sewing machines.

All a child needs are the two types of singer kids sewing machines; the Signer zigzag chain stitch sewing machine for kids and the ordinary E-Z stitch sewing machine by singer of course.

Signer zigzag chain stitch sewing machine for kids

The Signer zigzag chain stitch sewing machine for kids is an awesome tool to use after cutting up the measurements for the clothing project the child is starting. The machine is child proof and has a wonderful design that is attractive to children. The machine is also lightweight so that the child can be able to lift it up without straining.

Singer E-Z stitch sewing machine for children

Nothing beats the awesome power of the singer E-Z stitch sewing machine. The machine is suitable for a child of any age.

Have you got the reason why you should head out and purchase the singer kids sewing machines yet? Well, if not let me just explain them for you;

Child proof

The singer kids sewing machines are safe for children to use. Some of these precautions are;

Smoothed edges; The edges of the machines are smoothened and curved. There are no sharp edges on the machine hence rest assured that any injury that would have been caused by the sharp edges have been crossed out.

Light weight

The machines have been made with light material hence the child can carry the machine anywhere. The high portability of the sewing machines makes them the best for both you and your child since the child will not be bothering you to move it for him or her.

Fair prices

This is now advantageous to you. You can’t just purchase something for your child that will leave you in misery. The singer kids sewing machines can be purchased at really fair prices on online stores or just any registered supplier. The quality of the singer kids sewing machines is what makes them different from the other sewing machines for kids listed at the same price.